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The Silicon (Kemerton) Agreement Act 1987 is an agreement that was signed between the Australian government and the United States government in 1987. This agreement was signed in order to facilitate the development of a new silicon production plant in Kemerton, Western Australia. The plant was expected to produce high-quality silicon for use in the electronics industry.

The agreement provided funding for the construction of the plant and set out various conditions that had to be met in order for the plant to be built and operate successfully. This included requirements for the plant to meet certain environmental standards, as well as requirements for the training of local workers.

The plant was constructed in the late 1980s and began production in the early 1990s. Since then, it has become a major producer of silicon, supplying the electronics industry in Australia and around the world.

The Silicon (Kemerton) Agreement Act 1987 has been important in facilitating the development of the silicon industry in Australia. It has helped to create jobs and generate economic growth in Western Australia, and has contributed to the growth of the electronics industry globally.

Overall, the Silicon (Kemerton) Agreement Act 1987 has been a successful agreement that has had positive impacts both locally and globally. It has helped to foster innovation and growth in the tech industry, and has contributed to the economic and social development of Western Australia.